About Us

With ecoinar.com LTD you can forget about the necessity to form a substantial starting capital, a deep and multi-stage study of the technical aspects of the production of digital code, the allocation of sufficient free space for the technical equipment installation. Now mining requires only a personal computer, a minimum deposit and a reliable partner, who is ready to provide their services to everyone.
ecoinar.com LTD Team is working hard to ensure non-stop and efficient mining on the last-gen equipment. Our team of high skilled specialists is constantly working on purchasing equipment, its configuration and further maintenance, looking for the best locations all over the world to reduce energy consumption costs. The working process is fully automated and does not require constant human intervention. The only work that is up to our potential partner is to open an account with ecoinar.com LTD website and choose appropriate investment plan. The minimum and maximum available amounts of the deposit, the interest rate, as well as the investment period are determined by the terms of the investment plan.
Each our investor is guaranteed timely calculation of profit which is generated due to round-the-clock work of a network of high-performance and modern computers.
Technical devices and software involved in the mining process require active monitoring. We have unique capabilities of software control of oursystem, as well as advanced technologies that reduce the cost of electricity for the process of ecoinar mining.
Having vast experience of conducting market activities for cloud-hashing and sound financial capabilities, we are able to employ only the best specialists of IT-technologies and Analytics. One of the primary objectives of our qualified staff is to develop long-term strategies for investment and development of the ecoinar.com LTD. In turn, this allows each of our investors to count on high-potential cooperation, not limited in time and not dependent on third-party factors, events and circumstances.
The future belongs to ecoinar. Let's build it together!